What we do

Sports Data develops technology solutions for the Sporting Industry. Our Team of innovative hardware and software engineers take your pie in the sky ideas and turn them into reality.

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing a closed network infrastructure on location, that enables you to track anything within that network and access extensive live data feeds before, during or after sporting events, 24 hours a day.

The benefit is an increased opportunity to make informed decisions/predictions relating to outcomes or have certain data sets trigger outcomes automatically. For example, a strong wind from the south means half your sprinklers end up watering the carpark. Our weather equipment talks to our watering interface and tells it when to turn on and off. Moisture sensors alert when the ground has had enough.

Should I brake early or late? We can send road surface temperature readings to drivers in milliseconds before hitting that corner.

Kicking from the 50 metres? Wind is currently blowing at 28km/hr across the goal posts from the left.

1. Our mission

To be the technology partner of choice to the Sporting industry

2. Our Objectives

  1. Ensure a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience for our staff
  2. Provide technology solutions that continually delight and amaze our customers
  3. Be the leader in Sporting Technology Innovation

3. Our People

We employ a number of talented hardware and software professionals, designers and graphic artists.